Friday, January 15, 2016

The Ear,the Eye, and the Arm

How did Mother change?

Mother changed because she used to always be like the kids and ask father for permission to do simple things but towards the end of the book when she hears that her kids are in danger from Arm father doesn't trust Arm at first but mother goes behind his back and leaves without telling him and saves the kids father is surprised but he is proud of her.

How did Arm change?

Arm changed because at the beginning he could feel emotions of anybody but after he got bit by the big mask he lost the power but it was a good thing because he would always be overwhelmed by peoples emotions in the cows guts also this way he could be a real parent to Sekai.

How did Tendai change?

Tendai changed because at the beginning he was a whiny rich baby but the longer he was in the real world the more brave and smart he would get also after he found the ndoro he realized that he has talents and that he can protect his family.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye,Arm Summary

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei.
  The first thing  that happened is they got kidnapped by  Knife and Fist they brought the children to Dead Man's Vlei. Dead  Man's Vlei is a place where it's all trash The hills and the ground are all made out of trash. There are people that are made out of trash they work in the mines below collecting old artifacts and delivering them to the She Elephant. The She Elephant is a huge lady who is in charge of Dead Man's Vlei. The first thing she did with the kids is think about selling them to the masks gang, but she decides not to for the moment so instead she makes them change into gross raggedy clothes. She wants them to work for her in the mines when Rita hears this she gets angry and starts to yell. The She Elephant slaps her and they get off to a rough start she feeds all the trash people, Knife, Fist and Knifes granny tomato stew then gives them a place to sleep. The next morning she puts them to work in the mines she tells them don't try to escape  because you'll get nowhere. She was right, the tunnel they were working in gave them no chance to escape. Over the time of them being there for 2 weeks they start to become more and more like the trash people. They forget things and they get more grubby. One day when Tendai is working  alone and Rita is working with granny and Kudas is working with trashman. The She  Elephant tells Tendai to get her some water from a underground lake thing he gets her the water but makes sure she cant see him and he eves drops on her conversation with knife the she elephant says we need to sell them to the masks because i have enough trash people here doing work. Tendai remembers the stories about the masks and immediately runs back to the underground lake he know that theres a well above the lake going up out of  the tunnels but he's not tall enough to reach it then the light sines through the well shaft and he notices a huge rock in the middle of the lake that could help him and his siblings get out when the sun shined through he notices a shiny shell its a nadoro a nadoro is a spirit thing when he found it he asked the ancestors who wore it to give him a sign and thats when he saw the rock in the water.

2. How did the children escape Dead Man's Vei?

Tendai puts on the nadoro and gos out to the middle of the underground lake, then he climbs on the rock and can barley reach it. There are  handles but there rusty and some fall off as he climbs up. Its really hard and when he's above ground he tells Rita and Kuda come here tells them what the She Elephant said granny says she wont tell if they start running so they do but then the She Elephant notices and yells get them the trash people start to chase them but TrashMan Kudas friend helps them escape and they climb over a little wall and land in someones yard and a lady whos yard it was yells  at TrashMan and them to get out. So they go on the pavement at a bus stop and the  She Elephant try's to grab them. Then they get on the bus with TrashMan and are safe.

3.what happened to children in Resthaven?
Trash man and them got of the bus because the bus driver says TrashMan gets off here all the time so he drops them off at a huge dome with mile high walls. The kids ask who lives here and TrashMan said mama lives here. They rang a bell on the gate and a angry lady answered it saying who is it go away. She saw trash man and said only you can come in but they cant they begged her and she said alright but they cant stay. As soon as they walked in they were shocked there was no apartment buildings and not any roads it was like a step back in time even the air was cleaner. The lady led them down a path and told them my name is Myanda and this is Resthaven heart if Africa. Tendai sat around the fire with other men they noticed the nadoro and looked t him funny. After they ate some really good food Garikaya the cheif and his young wife Chipo who is pregnant sits by him and they rest of the boys sit by him. Garikye tests Tendai by asking him riddles like a test.They tell a story after they ask Tendai to tell them a story and he tells a good story so they accept the children to Resthaven. Then myanda says once your in resthaven you cant leave. Tendai likes Resthaven because everyone there likes him. Rita hates it because they burn her with peanuts because all the women do are clean and cook. Chipo has her baby and its twins a boy and a girl.They think that twins are a curse and want to kill the girl twin. Rita doesn't like that so she yells at them and they think that its because of them that she had twins so they put them in a hut.

how do the children escape Resthaven?
they have a judgment day thing that tells if rita and Kuda are witches or not. and what they have is the spirit medeum makes a potion and has about 10 people including tendai and rita will drink it and if you throw up you a witch the only this is the spirit medeam gives rita and tendai a different potion so they wont throw up the lady who let them in knew the childrens father because he helped her get out of a gang and got her into rest haven so she helped them by giving them chicken poop so they would throw up but insted they pretened to be boogiemen and got kicked out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ear the Eye and the arm

 what do we know about the Mellower?

We know that the Mellower is almost always late and the he never looks very tidy also that he smuggles things in for the kids. At breakfast he hypnotizes them and the  trust him but when they give him a keycard they only let him have one for a day.

how is the mellower not fit in with what the family believes?

He does not fit in because there family is about everything being in order and everyone being on time and looking nice and father wants everything  perfect but the mellower on the other hand is sloppy disorganized and always late  so i don't why they trust trust him since he's so different then what they beleives.